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AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium

“Becoming an intentional leader is not unlike playing on the monkey bars. It requires you to let go of that rung behind you—that rung that defined who you are today but that can hold you back from who you are meant to be if you let it—and reach forward to the new rung—which represents the opportunity to be a leader.”

– Tim Hebert, CEO, Atrion, A Carousel Company

Some may view leadership as the title on a business card, when in reality, leadership is a mindset, a set of beliefs and a choice. The annual AlwaysOn Leadership Symposium was created with this notion in mind.

The one-day event, first held in 2010, is designed to encourage attendees to challenge and evolve their beliefs about modern-day leadership. Through a series of keynote presentations, breakouts and experiential learning exercises, the leadership symposium equips participants with the methodologies and frameworks to make change and impact within their personal and professional worlds.

This year’s event takes place Thursday, May 18 at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

Three reasons to attend:

  1. You Will Leave Thinking Differently. The symposium — from start to finish — is designed to encourage attendees to change and advance the way they think about things that exist today. You will leave with newfound perspective about the impact you can make in your life both personally and professionally. Plus you will hear from amazing industry luminaries doing extraordinary things.
  2. An ‘Aha’ Moment is in Reach. You’ll walk away with an understanding of what you personally can do to lead and influence change—your “aha” moment. There is a high level of inspiration and aspiration that is created at the symposium, and attendees leave knowing they can affect change immediately.
  3. This is Not a Tech Event. There will be no discussion of bits and bytes or products and specs at this event. Everyone—from IT directors to marketers to operation specialists—is welcome! Instead, we will explore principles and methodologies that can fuel positive transformation.

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