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Project Leadership

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Mike Statmore
“Atrion understands strategy and direction, roadmapping, and planning for the future.”

Mike Statmore — CIO, Post University

David Marble
“Ours is a true partnership: we understand each other’s businesses and optimize each other’s value.”

David Marble — CEO, OSHEAN

Christopher Gubata
“Because of Atrion, I had the opportunity to make a strategic professional move into my current role as Web Technical Developer.”

Christopher Gubata — Web Technical Director, Providence College

Unlock the Secret to Success

Discovering what exists, architecting a solution and roadmap for the future, and leading compound projects requires a business-first approach. We have that mastered. Ensuring that technology is leveraged to meet the needs and goals of the organization, and measuring end user adoption is paramount. This determines a project's success. 


Through a business-first, consultative engagement, our discovery services assess technology environments with focus on discovering current best practices, risks, analyzing performance and examining functionality. Balanced against strategic goals, our report deliverable provides an “as-is” snapshot of the current environment, the key criteria used as a benchmark, key findings, and detailed roadmap recommendations that fill the gap.


A thorough, business-driven process of discovery reveals the desired behaviors and criticality to the business for major architectural decision points. These are:

  • Service Quality
  • Agility
  • Availability
  • Risk Avoidance
  • Investment Strategy
  • Support Strategy  

A resulting profile is then intended to represent the desired behavior of technologies in certain environments or within specific situations, and function as a guide for architecting any technology design.

Project Leadership

It’s a well-known secret that many IT projects fail. In fact, the majority of the organizations that study project success rates would agree that somewhere around 60% -70% of IT Software and Services projects are deemed to be failures or are do not deliver the desired results.

There are a variety of theories on why projects fail; however, predominantly it’s due to the lack of upfront planning and lack of end user adoption. This leaves projects delivering little or no business value.

Atrion’s approach to project leadership changes this industry pattern and delivers the business outcomes you desire.